Mediation and Instustrial Relation Services

Posted on March 29, 2017

MERS has been providing mediations services mainly in the workplace environment since 1999.

We have conducted in excess of 600 workplace mediations and a variety of mediations at the Magistrates Court of South Australia

We have been engaged on many occasions by Return to Work SA agents, employers and, employees in South Australia to mediate workplace disputes as well as commercial disputes.

In addition to our mediation services, we provide:

  1. Industrial Relations advisory and advocacy service, and
  2. Appearances before various Tribunals, including Fair Work Commission, the SA Employment Tribunal and the Equal Opportunity Commission of South Australia.

 Our services include assisting workplaces by:

  • Developing workplace agreements including Enterprise Agreements,
  • Individual Flexible Arrangement Agreements,
  • Employment agreements, and
  • Conducting independent investigations into allegations of inappropriate workplace behaviour.

Our client base includes employers and employees in both the private and public sectors.