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MERS has been providing mediations services mainly in the workplace environment since 1999.

We have conducted in excess of 600 workplace mediations and a variety of mediations at the Magistrates Court of South Australia

We have been engaged on many occasions by Return to Work SA agents, employers and, employees in South Australia to mediate workplace disputes as well as commercial disputes.

In addition to our mediation services, we provide:

Industrial Relations advisory and advocacy service, and

Appearances before various Tribunals, including Fair Work Commission, the SA Employment Tribunal and the Equal Opportunity Commission of South Australia.

Our services include assisting workplaces by:

Developing workplace agreements including Enterprise Agreements,

Individual Flexible Arrangement Agreements,

Employment agreements, and

Conducting independent investigations into allegations of inappropriate workplace behaviour.

Our client base includes employers and employees in both the private and public sectors.


It’s easy to become complacent when it comes to farm security. Sometimes it’s just more convenient to leave the ute keys in the ignition when it’s parked in the shed. How often do you lock the front door when you’re off down the paddock?

Theft from farms is actually a big problem. According to a 2015 University of New England study, the biggest criminal activities affecting farmers are trespassing and illegal hunting or fishing, stock theft, theft of tools or equipment, fuel theft and illegal rubbish dumping. Here are some tips to help keep your property safe.


If no one lives on your property, or if you’re away for the day or away on holidays, arrange for someone to regularly check on it. Even if this might not stop opportunistic theft, it does mean you’re able to get the police involved at the earliest possible time in the hope they can catch those responsible.


Know what you own. Keep a complete list of all your tools, machinery and equipment in a safe place. Write down serial numbers and take photographs. It’ll help police track down the items and help with your insurance claim if the items can’t be returned.


This seems obvious, but it’s all too easy to be underinsured — and you might not notice until it’s too late. Review your insurance coverage to make sure you have enough and that everything is included on your policy.


Don’t leave keys in vehicles, no matter how convenient it might seem. Install a secure key cabinet in a suitable location and keep it locked.


Fuel is an expensive resource and it’s among the top items stolen from farms. Keep your fuel under lock and key in a location well away from a public road and where you can monitor it.


Tools, machinery and larger pieces of equipment like air compressors, pumps and generators are all prime targets for theft. Include them on your inventory. And, most importantly, lock your sheds and toolboxes where you keep these items.


Engrave items so they are easily identified and hard to sell on. Or install GPS trackers on them so they can be located if they are stolen.

Announcement of a new Member Benefit – Focus on Power prices

SADA is delighted to be partnered with one of Australia’s largest independent business energy brokers, Make It Cheaper to help members in such a volatile energy market.

Make It Cheaper offer a free quick, simple and easy bill comparison service across all types of electricity and gas accounts to see if a saving can be achieved.

Make It Cheaper also work closely with a number of industry partners that offer further cost-saving services across efficiency (such as LED lighting), solar and powerfactor correction - to ensure that money saving is at an optimum.

See what you could save:

Call (02) 8077 0006 for a free bill comparison or click HERE to upload a copy of your bill.