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Creating a Workforce | The South Australian Government’s strategic plan nominates as its target a Food Industry worth $20 billion by 2020. This target is ambitious but with growth in sectors such as wine and poultry there are strides being made in that direction.

There is little doubt that the 2016 and 2017 years have thrown up challenges to many farmers and that has had the effect of making the industry less appealing to newcomers.

Dairy has a part to play. The average age of a dairy farmer in South Australia is 56 years of age which is reflective of a long term truth. Part of the reason for this is that the succession systems in place tend to reflect that within families on the land parents tend to remain active farmers for longer thus distorting the average age profile.

The dairy industry will over the 2019-2024 years commit to restoring dairying as an occupation which is desirable and affords a lifestyle that is rewarding.

For every 100 cows there are two jobs created, one on farm and the other off farm. Recent increases in the presence of processors represents an encouraging indication for the future.

Nevertheless, the industry will focus on the recruitment and retention of people in the dairy field. Part of this process requires a repositioning of the message relating to working on dairy farms. The dairy industry is a rewarding industry in which to work.

The industry commits to working with training providers to make sure there are suitably qualified people in the field as well as in the service processing industries that are associated with the production of the dairy products.

The industry will attend to its reputation as a place to build a future for a worker and their family.

Currently there are about 850 people directly employed in the industry in South Australia with a similar number in related work. This work is generally well renumerated and conditions of work are generally very good.

Primary production currently accounts for one in five jobs in South Australia and it is the intent of the dairy industry to contribute to the employment numbers through the execution of this action plan.

Using the means available to the industry including levies and representative organisations dairy jobs in South Australia will be supported with a fo-cussed industry restoring its reputation as a good place to work, live and thrive.

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2023 Student Compendium

The SA Division of the Agricultural Institute of Australia (AIA), in partnership with the Adelaide University Agricultural Students Association (AUASA) have a keen focus on supporting the development of students and early career professionals in having an enjoyable, productive and rewarding educational experience, while laying a solid career foundation.

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The Kingsmen

Specialise in assisting businesses in recruiting labour, with a primary focus on the agriculture, construction and hospitality industries.

There are no sign up fees, support short and long term labour requirements.

Their workforce is primarily skilled individuals on Working Holiday VISAs (and some permanent residents), for whom find work throughout Australia. Some candidates are required to complete 88 days of regional work to qualify for their VISA extension, while others are just looking for work.

The Kingmen interview the candidates and assist them in finding work that matches their skills and experience and we would be thrilled to assist your members in connecting with the appropriate staff for their farms. Once we have shortlisted the candidates we can organise a telephone interview between your member and the candidate to make sure they have the skills and experience required for the job.

All successful candidates are employed on a casual basis so they are not entitled to holiday or sick pay (even if employed full-time), and should they prove not to be the right fit, we can advise them and find someone more suitable.

The Kingsmen payroll the candidates for the first 3 months of employment (or ongoing if they'd prefer) and our rates are based on an hourly charge on ABN, or we can follow an award. The charges are customised to suit their payroll requirements.

The Kingsman have a number of clients in the agricultural sector which include hay and grain farms, dairy farms, cattle stations and potato, mango and avocado farms. We have worked closely with the likes of Mitolo Family Farms, The Royal Princess Station, Breezy Ag, Billabong Farm and Coolangatta Trust, to name just a few and we would be happy to provide references, if they wish.

The Kingsmen have a diverse pool of candidates with strong agricultural backgrounds, including skilled agronomists. Many of our candidates are highly qualified in their home countries, possess hands-on experience with cattle, dairy, and other livestock, and are proficient in operating tractors, harvesters and other farming equipment.

The Kingsmen also recognise that managing the high volume of responses to their online job advertisements can be overwhelming. We can take on the responsibility of posting jobs on behalf of your member assessing applicants and presenting them with a refined selection of potential candidates, saving them valuable time and effort.