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April 26, 2024

New space-age dairy a vote of confidence in SA’s dairying future

The opening of one of South Australia’s most impressive dairies by the Premier this week demonstrates that the future of dairying in South Australia has clear ambition and a confident future.

The Mount Compass dairy, owned by the Brokenshire family, is emblematic of a dairy industry that believes in a sustainable future for the industry in South Australia. In dairy parlance, the new dairy is a 70-bay rotary dairy which to the uninitiated looks like a merry-go-round for cows.

However, it is much more than that. The dairy incorporates some of the latest technologies which means that the care of the animals is of the highest standards. Because dairy cows travel to a dairy so regularly farmers can monitor the animals for their health status. Electronic collars which the cows wear are scanned every milking and a complete health record of each cow is kept.

Waste management on the farm has been specifically designed to keep waste out of the environment and the farm’s systems are designed to ensure that nutrients are returned to the farm so that the farm can diminish the reliance on artificial fertilisers. The nutrients in cow waste will become a resource as fertilisers in the fields. This will see all effluent on site being returned to pastures in a way that has zero impact on the environment.

SA dairy farms are actively in the process of improving their systems to be more environmentally friendly and the SA dairy industry is working closely with the state’s EPA to diminish the environmental footprint of the industry moving forward.

“The future of the industry is tied closely to its sustainability.” Farmer Rob Brokenshire said today.

“We understand that we have to meet the expectations of consumers and customers alike.

“From a health perspective, we make sure that our cows are more carefully supported than Medicare supports Australians.

“The farm also seeks to be as sustainable as possible which is why we have invested so completely in turning waste into a resource that lowers our need to use artificial fertilisers on our fields. It’s good for the environment as it is good for our business overheads.

“Dairying is very much about being smarter and more efficient in what we do at every level.

“It is with many thanks that I acknowledge the Premier taking the time to visit and open our dairy. It is a vote of confidence which we as farmers genuinely appreciate.”

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