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Posted on November 27, 2017

ADIC Media Release - Australian Dairy Industry Set for New Vision and Plan

Whole of industry collaboration was the key theme of the annual Australian Dairy Industry Council (ADIC) Industry Leaders Breakfast today.

More than 200 of Australia’s leading dairy representatives from across the value chain, gathered in Melbourne this morning to start the conversation about a whole of industry vision and plan, and the need to provoke change.

They heard from leaders of the dairy, red meat and seafood industries on the challenges and rewards of whole of industry collaboration.

David Inall, the Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) Chief Executive Officer, said the Breakfast provided the chance for industry to discuss how they can work together to seize emerging opportunities in global markets and food trends.

“The past couple of years has been a difficult time for the industry, but green shoots are appearing in the form of opportunities and collaborations,” Mr Inall said.

He said dairy industry efforts can be better coordinated to encourage innovation, efficiency and political advocacy.

“Through the ADIC, we have collaboration through the value chain, and now need to focus on the future and better outcomes by creating an all of industry plan and vision.

“We are now starting on a process of creating this industry vision and plan, building on existing efforts such as the strategic plans from ADF and Dairy Australia, as well as the Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Framework.

“We need all of industry pulling together in the same direction, so we can take on our competitors.

“I believe we need a more visible and united presence in Canberra. As we move towards the next federal election, 2018 will be an important year for dairy politically, as well as operationally.”

Newly elected ADIC Chair, Terry Richardson, said: “Let’s start the conversation.”

“Collaboration is key; we have to get better at forming strategic alliances. We need to work out, together, how we can make the Australian dairy industry more successful, and not just in our own patches.

“And let’s be unapologetic about focusing on outcomes, because we need to compete with the best in the world and we have some work to do – so let’s start today.”